Male Sexual Dysfunction

General Illness Information

Medical Term: Erectile dysfunction

Common Name: Impotence, Male sexual dysfunction

Description: Erectile dysfunction is inability to achieve and maintain erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse, one of the most common sexual disorders in men.

There distinguish primary and secondary erectile dysfunction. Primary (congenital) erectile dysfunction is characterized by the fact that a man has never been able to perform sexual intercourse in his life. This is extremely rare. Secondary erectile dysfunction is the most frequent variant, when for a while in sexual life of a man everything was fine, and later there appeared problems with erection.

Most often, men complain of weak erection that does not allow to perform sexual intercourse. Sometimes, on the contrary, there is a strong erection, but when you try to start intercourse, it quickly disappears.

Statistics: According to studies, after 40 years 39% of the strong half of humanity suffer from impairments of potency, and after 50 ears 69% of men pass to their category. But it also happens that problems in sexual sphere arise in young men. Most often this is due to overwork, somatic diseases, psychological problems. At the same time, only 16% of men apply to specialists about erectile dysfunction.


Among reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction, experts identify:

  • diseases of cardiovascular system: hypertension, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, endarteritis, etc.;
  • endocrine disorders: hypogonadism (insufficient production of sex hormone testosterone), diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, hypo- and hyperplasia of adrenal glands, pituitary tumor (prolactinoma), etc.;
  • urological pathology: malformation of genital organs, diseases of prostate and bladder, renal insuffisiency, etc.;
  • neurological disorders: depression, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, trauma consequences and surgeries of brain and spinal cord, pelvis and perineum;
  • side effects of medications: diuretics, beta-blockers, antihistamines, etc.


The first step in diagnosing erectile dysfunction is to collect detailed medical and psychological history of the patient and his partner. At first visit it is imposssible to involve the partner, as a rule, however it is necessary to do it at second visit.

Every patient with erectile dysfunction should undergo physical examination (examination by urologist-andrologist), with emphasis on evaluation of genitourinary, endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Physical examination can reveal a hidden disease.

Laboratory tests should also be performed in patients with erectile dysfunction. Test to be performed in patients include the following:

  • blood and urine tests;
  • blood glucose and a glucose tolerance test;
  • lipids of blood serum;
  • nocturnal erections;
  • endourethral thermometry;
  • penial pressure
  • reophalography;
  • aortography and selective perineal angiography;
  • dynamic cavernography;
  • neurological examinations;
  • psychological test;
  • examination of external genital organs;
  • rigiscan test;
  • rigurometry;
  • color ultrasound dopplerography;
  • hormonal status;
  • psychological examination;
  • cavernography;
  • ultrasound of penis;
  • electromyography of pelvic muscles.


Modern medicine provides a chance for men suffering from erectile dysfunction of psychogenic origin to lead a full sexual life – there are pills – PDE-5 inhibitors.

Mechanism of action of such synthetic drugs on male potency consists in expanding arteries that bring blood to penis. The blood flows to cavernous bodies of penis, while reducing venous outflow, and thanks to this, cavernous bodies of penis become filled with blood, giving it elasticity, thereby reducing the potency. The mechanism of action of drugs for male potency consists in expanding arteries that bring blood to penis. The blood flows to cavernous bodies of penis, while reducing venous outflow, and thanks to this, cavernous bodies of penis become filled with blood, giving it elasticity, thereby reducing potency.

At the same time BAAs consist only of substances of natural origin. Additives include herbs, plant roots, insect life products, horns and other similar animal organs. Such components improve function of pelvic organs, enhance potency. BAAs for potency in a positive way affect not only genitourinary system of men, but also general state of the body, they support tone and normal functioning of all body systems. Dietary supplements for potency undergo special studies that suggest that such drugs with regular admission can improve quality of sexual life.

Many chemically synthesized medicines have side effects. The main negative aspects are associated with effect of blood flow not only to penis, but also to other organs and tissues. Also there may occur:

  • reddening of the face;
  • nasal congestion;
  • headache;
  • change in vision;
  • noise in the ears;
  • uneven heartbeat;
  • violation of breathing.

Besides, recent medical studies warn that prolonged use of PDE-5 inhibitors can trigger hearing impairment, adversely affect quality of ejaculate, thereby lowering fertility of a man. Therefore, before you start taking drugs for potency, you should consult a doctor, as only he can assess risks of taking these drugs.

Meanwhile, biologically active additives have minimal amount of contraindications, as well as side effects. Similar preparations contain the whole list of useful substances, including vitamins of group E which take active part in work of organs of small pelvis; selenium, which strengthens vessels; polyunsaturated acids, positively affecting reproductive function.

Most synthetic drugs are sold in a pharmacy only on doctor’s prescription. So before you can try them, you will have to spend your time on visiting doctor, undergoing tests and examinations and only then start treatment. At the same time, you can buy BAAs in any pharmacy, because to purchase them you do not need prescription from a doctor.

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