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RxMed Mission

RxMed is a resource for physicians, patients and their families. This health-care web site provides valuable, thorough, illness and medication information, as well as access to various medical products and services. It is our goal to provide a health care site which is reliable and current; we aim to do so by ensuring our information is authored and peer-reviewed by physicians. In addition we regularly update all medication and illness information on the site.

RxMed is one of the most popular health-care sites on the Internet. This is a result of our dedication to the quality and diversity of information on this site. The RxMed web site is highly regarded by physicians, students and patients alike. This site is linked and referenced by numerous medical institutions worldwide. We at RxMed strive to provide you, the health-oriented user, with the most current information with the best resources available.

RxMed.com is NOT an Online Pharmacy

RxMed.com is NOT an online pharmacy. Our service does not justify the medications sale intended to be sold with prescription over-the-counter. RxMed is a source of a available, free of charge information about drugs and disorders. Our main aim is to assist people to better realize how medications perform their functions, how they should be applied, their side effects and how they interact with other medications. RxMed.com insistently recommends you to consult a professional before applying any kind of medications because improper drugs intake may provoke severe side effects and even death.


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Customer Support Service and Feedback

RxMed is glad to provide people with trustworthy information oriented to accelerate medications selection in relation to diseases description. People are welcome to leave their questions or just share their opinion after working with our website. “Contact Us” section contains all necessary information about how to leave a feedback. We will be delighted to answer them all and get acquainted with experience you share with us.