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Damiana is a perennial bush, the height of which varies from 50 cm to 1 m. The stems are thin and straight. They are characterized by a reddish-brown color. Damiana starts to bloom early in the spring.

The flowers are small in size with palpable, pleasant aroma. Damiana is characterized by seed reproduction, and it can be used as a houseplant. The fruits look like a small box containing seeds.

Chemical Composition and Useful Properties:

Essential oil is considered to be one of the most valuable elements in Damiana composition. Damiana contains, in turn, the following additional elements:

  • cadinene;
  • pinene (alpha and beta);
  • cymene and thymol;
  • paramycin;
  • cineole.

In addition to essential oil, plant leaves contain many other useful substances. So their composition contains about 7% of alkaloids and about the same amount of chlorophyll, 14% of proteins and a similar number of resins.

They are supplemented by other important elements for humans, many of which body does not develop on its own:

  • fixed oils;
  • arbutin;
  • amarines;
  • starch;
  • solid resins;
  • sugar;
  • a set of acids;
  • glycosides.

Studies have proven effectiveness of drug on urinary system. Also, plants are able to restore hormonal background and improve intestine work. For more than a dozen years, Damiana is famous as a powerful aphrodisiac. Damiana perfectly stimulates reproductive system of both the strong and the beautiful half of humanity, increasing libido in both sexes.


Damiana is a very powerful antidepressant with a pronounced sedative effect. Most often, drugs based on it are used for various sexual problems caused by emotional disorders. In modern practical herbal medicine, Damiana is recommended for use in depressive and nervous states.

The plant is very popular when producing herbs and numerous dietary supplements. As research shows, Damiana stems contain caffeine. And although the percentage of its presence in plant is minimal, Damiana is included in composition of various power engineers, because its toning properties are at a very high level.


Damiana and drugs based on it are strictly prohibited for children and pregnant women. Also, it is necessary to abandon consumption of similar drugs for women during lactation. Care must be taken to consume means from Damiana to people who are treating hypoglycemia and diabetes. Although agent can be used to eliminate these diseases, its effect on blood glucose levels may, in a particular case, lead to problem aggravation.

For this reason, before taking any medications, you must first talk to a doctor for advice. The doctor will also be able to determine individual intolerance of plant components and possible manifestation of allergies when taking medications made from it. As for other contraindications, they are:

  • kidney problems;
  • liver disease;
  • hypertension;
  • diseases of urinary canals;
  • atherosclerosis.

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