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Chondroitin is a complex substance, a polysaccharide belonging to the class of glycosaminoglycans (they are also called proteoglycans). Just like glucosamine, chondroitin has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, restorative effect on joints, ligaments and spine. Chondroitin serves as a catalyst for processes in cartilaginous tissue, improves sulfur absorption, thereby improving joints recovery and regeneration. It also has a healing effect on skin, epidermis, improves blood supply of joints, stimulates secretion of hyaluronic acid, thereby seriously strengthening connective tissue.


Given Chondroitin properties, this drug is indispensable in treatment of any problems associated with damage or joints inflammation, cartilage tissue or ligaments. It can serve as a preventive means for joints protection during active physical exercises or sports associated with high stress on joints (weightlifting, powerlifting, etc.) Also Chondroitin is actively used in cosmetology in creams and preparations created to improve and restore skin, its youth and elasticity.


Given complex molecular structure of the substance, Chondroitin initially was only possible to be used intravenously only, because it decomposed in gastrointestinal tract. However, over time, special technologies were developed that sharply reduced molecular structure of Chondroitin, which allowed it to be almost completely absorbed even by oral intake.

Clinical trials have shown that after two weeks of taking the drug, a stable positive effect of joint repair is observed, and their flexibility improves. After a month – there is a significant positive effect, reduces puffiness, pain decreases.

Another positive feature of chondroitin is the absorption of fat molecules when ingested and slowing down fats absorption. It gives a certain weight loss effect, which enhances effect of various diets for weight loss.


The only contraindication to taking drug is thrombophlebitis and blood clotting disorders. Similarly, considering this Chondroitin is obtained from seafood, allergic reactions in humans predisposed to it can be observed. In the rest, Chondroitin is absolutely harmless and safe. However, one should take into account that serious results and a stable effect for joints and ligaments can be obtained only with prolonged use within 2-3 months.

Chondroitin Features:

A unique property of Chondroitin is that it is capable of retaining water in joint and cartilage tissues, thereby increasing their elasticity. All athletes are familiar with the characteristic crepitus in joints – a sign of a lack of water in joint capsules. Liquid serves as a kind of “bedding”, shock absorber for physical exertion and especially – impacts, when the joints experience contact with each other and can be damaged. Increased fluid level in joints ultimately prevents them from overloading and helps strengthen ligaments.

Another property of Chondroitin is absorption of enzymes that adversely affect joints and ligaments. These enzymes are produced by destruction of a class of substances called chondrocytes, and are cause of weakening and destruction of cartilaginous tissue.

Regular use of Chondroitin containing drugs can replace non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Reduction of pain, increased flexibility and elasticity of joints and ligaments – all these normalizes person’s life as a whole, increasing his vitality and mood. In fact, all medicines in one way or another intended for treatment of joints, spine, ligaments, mechanical muscle damage contain Chondroitin in one form or another.

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