Chinese Cucumber

General Information

Common name: Chinese Cucumber

Scientific term: Not specified


Chinese Cucumber contains choline, vitamins K, C, B9, A, mineral substances in a greater quantity: aluminum, fluorine, copper, potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium.

Beneficial features:

Action of Chinese cucumbers is very similar to a watermelon. First of all, fresh uncooked vegetables have purifying properties. Include the vegetable in your diet for weight loss. The product has a low calorie content, so you will not gain weight.

When a Chinese cucumber is useful:

  1. Pregnancy. At this time, thirst is very frequent, it can be perfectly satisfied with the juice of Chinese cucumbers. It delays the fluid in the body and does not allow violation of the water-salt balance preventing the development of anemia and viral diseases;
  2. Intoxication. It can arise not only from the use of something that is overdue or unsuitable for food, but also as a result of the activity of viruses. Chinese cucumber gently cleanses blood of poisonous substances and saturates cells with oxygen;
  3. Digestion. Since Chinese cucumbers contains a lot of vegetable fiber, they eliminate slagging and neutralize toxins, improve peristalsis, promote regeneration of mucous membranes. The product binds slags and feces, taking them out;
  4. Cardiovascular system. The benefits are explained by the high content of potassium, copper and magnesium. Due to this, the product has a beneficial effect on blood flow, strengthens the walls of the veins and normalizes blood pressure. It is especially important for edema caused by coronary heart disease and arrhythmia;
  5. Diabetes mellitus. Chinese cucumber contains very few carbohydrates and sugars, so it does not raise the level of glucose in the blood. It can be eaten every day, but in moderation. This applies to people with both types of the disease;
  6. Thyroid gland. To maintain health at a high level, a person needs iodine contained in Chinese cucumbers. It prevents hypothyroidism and other pathologies. In case of problems with this organ, apathy, nausea, frequent dizziness, anemia and even vomiting may appear;
  7. Immunity. Chinese cucumber strengthens immunity due to ascorbic acid in its composition. Lack of ascorbic acid reduces the body’s resistance to infections and viruses. It is especially dangerous in winter and in the period of large-scale epidemics. It is also important that this vitamin is necessary for the normal iron digestion, which is responsible for the level of hemoglobin. When it decreases, the head may become dizzy, a person suffer from nausea, disturbing lethargy and insomnia.

Contraindications and Adverse Reactions:

Chinese Cucumber is the only vegetable that can be safely introduced into your diet. But do not abuse this vegetable, because it contains a lot of water. If it is poorly excreted from the body, stagnant phenomena can occur. This leads to swelling of the ankles, legs, face, hands. As a result, the kidneys and bladder suffer from excessive load and can not cope with such a volume of fluid.

You should not eat a Chinese cucumber if you have the following conditions:

  • Colitis. In this case, there is a risk of rectum inflammation. The damaged mucosa can not be restored. You should be especially cautious with exacerbation of the disease;
  • Gastritis. Do not abuse the product if you have increased gastric acidity. Otherwise, its level can grow even more and provoke an ulcer;
  • Nephritis. With this disease, urine already has an alkaline reaction, and cucumber only strengthens it. This can lead to kidney failure or inflammation. In this case, it is not recommended eating the vegetable with salt;
  • Renal failure. This is a very dangerous disease, in which it is not allowed to eat both salted and fresh cucumbers. They put too much strain on the kidneys, and they can not function as a “filter”;
  • Biliary dyskinesia. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to consume foods with abundant salt content. If you ignore this warning, stasis of bile may occur.


Spring cucumbers can contain a large amount of harmful nitrates! To reduce the likelihood of harm to health, spring cucumbers must be peeled, since the skin has the maximum amount of harmful substances. You also need to cut off the tips by two centimeters on both sides of the cucumber. So be careful and remember that cucumbers can carry not only good, but also harm.

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