General Information

Common Name:


Latin Name:

Paullinia Crysan
Paullinia sorbilis



Other Names:

  • Brazilian cocoa;
  • Brazilian cola;
  • Uabeno;
  • Guarana gum.

Indications & Historical Uses

  • Central Nervous System stimulant;
  • Used for treatment of fatigue, nerve tonic;
  • For Diarrhea, gastrointestinal complaints;
  • For symptoms of PMS: listlessness, lack of concentration and headaches;
  • Appetite suppressant;
  • Historically used as an aphrodisiac;
  • A popular beverage in South America.

Contraindications & Precautions

Guarana contains two to three times more caffeine than coffee or tea. Do not overuse. Exercise caution in pregnancy, and heart conditions.
See Caution.

Adverse Side Effects:
Dysuria is a common side effect of guarana.

Drug Interactions:
None known.

Dosage Information

How Supplied:

50 mg tablets, capsules.


50-100mg per day.


Guarana contains Xanthines, which are potent CNS stimulants. Guarana contains two to three times more caffeine than coffee or tea. Xanthines are used as stimulants, diuretics and anti diarrheal, as well as appetite suppressant. Researchers have identified high levels of tannins [5-6% ] in guarana. These astringent substances explain its reputation for alleviating diarrhea; tannins are believed to control or stop diarrhea by reducing inflammation in the intestine. In addition to the high caffeine content ,the presence of associated alkaloids [theophylline and theobromine ] also explains guarana’s traditonal use in treating migraine headache and as an appetite stimulant.

Active Ingredients:


  • Guarnine (caffeine);
  • Theobromine;
  • Theophylline.

In Brazil ,Guarana is made into a popular carbonated cola drink and it is considered the national beverage of Brazil .People drink it for energy and for stimulation. The caffeine driven energy boost provided by Guarana capsules and tablets has earned them the nickname ” Zoom”. It is also available as a dried herb ,extract , powder ,syrup, and tea


It is a climbing evergreen shrub , native to the Brazilian Rain Forests, South.


America. Extracts are prepared from the seeds ,which are found in the orange yellow fruits of these perennials. Guarana seeds are dry roasted, crushed and powdered and zanthines are extracted by hydroalcoholic process. The extract is then dried & standardized.

Scientific References

Mowrey, D. (1990) Guaranteed Potency Herbs. A Compilation of writings on the subject.

Mowrey, D. (1986) The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine. Cormorant Books.

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