Mead Johnson

Phenylketonuria Therapy

Indications And Clinical Uses: For use as basic food in low phenylalanine dietary management of infants and children with phenylketonuria.

Contra-Indications: Should not be used except for children with phenylketonuria.

Precautions: Phenylalanine intake must be carefully controlled to prevent excessive blood levels and urinary excretion, and still provide enough for growth. Phenylalanine blood levels should be determined regularly. Physical and mental development should be carefully followed. Symptoms of phenylalanine deprivation may include lethargy, nausea, vomiting and fever.

Dosage: Mix with water to desired concentration and caloric value. Normal dilution – 1 packed level measuring scoop of powder (9.3 g)/57 mL of water – or 139 g made up with water to 946 mL of formula. This dilution supplies approximately 84 kJ (20 kcal)/30 mL.

Availability And Storage: Powder: A balanced low phenylalanine food made from a casein hydrolysate low in phenylalanine. Carbohydrate from glucose polymers and tapioca starch. Vitamins and minerals are included. Cans of 454 g with measure enclosed.

LOFENALAC® Mead Johnson Phenylketonuria Therapy

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