Hibitane (Chlorhexidine Gluconate)

Brand Names: HIBITANE® Skin Cleanser

Manufacturer: Zeneca

Generic Name: Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Use: Antibacterial Skin Cleanser

Action And Clinical Pharmacology

Chlorhexidine is effective against a wide range of gram-negative and gram-positive vegetative bacteria, yeasts, dermatophyte fungi and lipophilic viruses. It is inactive against bacterial spores except at elevated temperatures.

Because of its cationic nature, chlorhexidine binds strongly to skin, mucosa and other tissues and is thus very poorly absorbed. No detectable blood levels have been found in man following oral use. Percutaneous absorption, if it occurs at all, is insignificant.

Indications And Clinical Uses

An antiseptic preparation for preoperative surgical hand disinfection, for general antiseptic handwashing, for handwashing procedures in food processing facilities and pre-operative and post-operative skin antisepsis for patients undergoing elective surgery.


For persons who have previously shown a hypersensitivity reaction to chlorhexidine. However, such reactions are extremely rare.

Manufacturers’ Warnings In Clinical States

For external use only. Keep out of the eyes and avoid contact with brain, meninges, or middle ear. Do not use Hibitane skin cleanser as a pre-operative skin preparation of the periorbital or eyelid areas. If chlorhexidine solutions come into contact with eyes, wash out promptly and thoroughly with water.

In patients with head or spinal injuries or perforated ear drum, the benefit of use in pre-operative preparation should be evaluated against the risk of contact.


Hypochlorite bleaches may cause brown stains to develop in fabrics which have previously been in contact with chlorhexidine solutions. Use a perborate bleach instead. Hibitane Skin Cleanser is incompatible with anionic agents.

Adverse Reactions

Irritative skin reactions can occasionally occur. Generalized allergic reactions to chlorhexidine have also been reported, but are extremely rare.

Symptoms And Treatment Of Overdose

Symptoms and Treatment: Accidental or deliberate poisoning: Accidental ingestion: Chlorhexidine taken orally is poorly absorbed. Treat with gastric lavage using milk, raw egg, gelatin or mild soap. Employ supportive measures as appropriate.

Accidental contact with eyes: If Hibitane Skin Cleanser comes into contact with the eyes, wash out promptly and thoroughly with water.

Dosage And Administration

For preoperative surgical scrub

Wet hands and forearms, apply 5 mL of Hibitane Skin Cleanser 4% undiluted and wash for 1 minute cleaning the fingernails with a brush. Rinse, apply a further 5 mL of skin cleanser and continue washing for a further 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

For general antiseptic handwashing

Wet the hands and forearms, apply 5 mL of Hibitane Skin Cleanser 4% and wash for 1 minute. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Note: In noncritical areas and in food processing facilities, where due to frequent handwashing the product is required only to maintain asepsis, the 2% solution may be used instead.

For preoperative skin preparation for the patient

The patient washes his whole body in a bath or shower on at least 2 occasions, usually the day before and on the day of the operation as follows: The day before the operation, the patient washes with 25 mL of Hibitane Skin Cleanser 4% beginning with the face and working downwards paying particular attention to areas around the nose, axillae, umbilicus, groin and perineum. The body is then rinsed and the wash repeated with a further 25 mL, this time including the hair. Finally, the patient rinses his entire body thoroughly and dries with a clean towel. This procedure should be repeated the following day. Patients confined to their bed can be washed with Hibitane Skin Cleanser using a standard bed-bath technique.

Conventional disinfection of the operation site will then be performed when the patient is in the operating room with Hibitane 0.5% in 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Availability And Storage

Each mL of red antibacterial solution contains: chlorhexidine gluconate 2 or 4% w/v.

Nonmedicinal ingredients: ammonyx, dye (red), fragrance, gluconate delta lactone, isopropyl alcohol, poloxamer, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide and water. Parabens-, sulfites- and tartrazine-free.

Plastic containers of 500 mL and 4.5 L (2% solution) and plastic containers of 110 mL, 500 mL and 4.5 L (4% solution).

Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Protect from light. Protect from freezing.

HIBITANE® Skin Cleanser Zeneca Chlorhexidine Gluconate Antibacterial Skin Cleanser

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