Mental Regression

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Performance efficiency is an integral indicator of organism’s functional state and its changes. Performance efficiency is ability to develop a maximum energy and, economically spending it, to reach the set goal with qualitative performance of mental or physical performance. Mental regression is a complex physiological process that begins in higher parts of nervous system and spreads to other body systems. The main causes of mental regression are violations in coherence of organs and systems functioning.


Mental regression may be a manifestation of regression, which is often confused with fatigue.

Such symptoms are noticeable as:

  • weakening of attention and memory;
  • insomnia;
  • depression;
  • acute irritability;
  • fatigue (severe degree of fatigue).

The working capacity is preserved only under condition of normal restoration of the consumed organism’s resources in accordance with daily periodicals, rhythm of work and rest.


System internal factors that reduce performance efficiency:

  • poor oxygen supply to cells in muscles because of impaired capillary blood flow and / or changes in viscosity and blood coagulation processes;
  • decreased synthesis of energy in muscles;
  • activation of formation process of free radicals due to excessive loads;
  • weakened immune responses. It can develop with excessive physical exertion, in an unfavorable climatic environment;
  • violation of the central and peripheral nervous system due to increased psychoemotional loads;
  • Acute and chronic infections and diseases.

External factors that reduce performance efficiency:

  • sleep disorders;
  • nutritional factors;
  • energetically unbalanced food (excess or not enough high-calorie food);
  • imbalance in diet of proteins, fats and carbohydrates; use of low-quality water.
  • deficiency of vitamins and biologically significant macro- and microelements.
  • alcohol abuse;
  • decrease in rate of complex motor reflexes and accuracy of muscle contractions;
  • violation of processes of excitation and inhibition in central nervous system;
  • violation of metabolism of B-complex vitamins, biologically significant elements;
  • increase in probability of vegetative-vascular dystonia;
  • deceleration of regeneration processes.

Tobacco smoking:

  • reduction in rate of complex motor reflexes and accuracy of muscle contractions;
  • reduction by 10% digestibility of oxygen, which causes an increase in load on heart;
  • occurrence of deficiency of ascorbic acid, retinol and tocopherol; appearance of a tendency to muscle cramps;
  • probability of disease pathology of upper respiratory tract, lungs, stomach as a result of mucous membranes irritation.


  • To eliminate decline in mental and physical performance, you must first change your lifestyle. The patient is strongly recommended to sleep at least seven hours a day, while falling asleep not at midnight, but at least a couple of hours before it. It is advisable to go to bed at the same time, as well as force yourself to wake up.
  • An extremely important role is played by a full and balanced diet that saturates the body with all nutrients it needs (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats and other particles). It is not superfluous to include in your diet vitamins of group B, vitamin E and vitamin C in multivitamin complexes.
  • Try to pace oneself and lower body burden. Do not waste energy and do not try to do more than you can. Reduce the burden on yourself at home, as well as at work.
  • Try to correct the flow of information that pours on you every day. Do not litter the brain with unnecessary and even harmful information. More often walk on fresh air and necessarily you leave on the sun.
  • Also learn to avoid stresses or deal with them correctly. Of course, if a person has any diseases, it is necessary to take measures to treat them. Otherwise, restoration of working capacity is impossible.

Traditional Treatment

Traditional means will help to cope with a decrease in mental and physical performance. But do not consider them as a remedy for all diseases. Such drugs can have a fortifying effect. Herbal Supplements are also effective in mental regression elimination. People may buy freely such herbal supplements in any pharmacy or even order online without prescription.

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