Female Breast Ptosis

General Illness Information

Common Name: Breast sagging

Medical Term: Female Breast Ptosis

Description: Female breast ptosis (breast sagging ) develops due to the weakening of ligaments that hold the breast, reducing the elasticity of the skin, as well as the general loss of breast tissue.


  • Hereditary predisposition. The condition of the skin and the elasticity of the ligaments largely depend on the rate of synthesis of collagen and elastin, which is hereditary;
  • Breast size. The law of gravity does not bypass the feminine charms. Therefore, the more mammary glands, the higher the risk of early breast lowering;
  • Hormonal background. During every menses, the mammary glands have the property of swelling under the influence of hormones, and they return to their normal state without losing form. But the constant change in the volume of the mammary glands with age affects the condition of the skin, which loses its ability to recover quickly;
  • Pregnancy. Breast enhancement during pregnancy is caused by both hormonal changes and weight gain. The possibility of restoring the breast condition depends on the age of the future mother, the number of pregnancies. Pregnant women after after 30 years run more risks of losing their forms;
  • Lactation. During breastfeeding, the stretching of the mammary glands is associated not only with the presence of a large volume of milk and a change in the hormonal background, but also with non-observance of the doctors’ recommendations;
  • Climax. A sharp decrease in estrogen affects the elasticity of the skin, which causes flabbiness of the body;
  • Age. Aging of the organism is accompanied by a slowdown of all processes in the body. The metabolic rate also affects the condition of the mammary glands, which simply “dry up” with age
  • Weight change. With excess weight, fat is deposited in the mammary glands, which, on the one hand, influences them positively due to an increased volume, but, on the other hand, it stretches the skin and causes lowering due to weight. With a sharp weight loss, the breast is unable to quickly restore its shape, and often remains in the form of sagging female breast;
  • Intensive exercise. Of course, sports loads do not harm the chest. But the practice of jogging, jumping, other intense mobile sports without supporting underwear causes permanent movement of the chest;
  • Posture. Permanent stoop, work associated with an incorrect position of the spine, allow the breast to remain in a sagging form for a long time, which eventually becomes the norm;
  • Harmful habits and nutrition. Smoking, alcohol, and poor nutrition have an indirect effect on the mammary glands. First of all, they affect the condition of the skin and the chest.


Depending on the lowering of the bust, female breast ptosis is divided into 3 degrees.
The degree is determined by a submammary fold – a peculiar line of attachment of the breast to the skin of the chest. In a normal state, the nipples and areoles should not fall below the submammary line. There are the following degrees of mammary gland lowering:

  1. the first degree of ptosis – is characterized by the location of the nipple of the breast directly at the level of the submammary fold or slightly below it, at a distance of not more than 1 cm;
  2. the second degree of ptosis – at this stage the breast falls below the submammary fold by 1 to 3 cm, but the nipple still protrudes somewhat in front of the breast (“looks forward”);
  3. the third degree of ptosis is accompanied by a significant lowering of the breast to a distance of more than 3-4 cm; the shape of the breast is noticeably worse, the nipple “looks forward.”

There is also a separate version called pseudoptosis – the bust drops below the level of the submammary line, but the nipple of the breast remains in its normal location.


  • Regular exercise or swimming – promote the tightening of the muscles of the breast and have a positive effect on its shape. In addition, there is a special set of physical exercises for the bust that will help to keep the breasts in tone;
  • Strict diets accompanied by a sharp decrease in weight negatively affect the shape and condition of the mammary glands. Rapid loss of adipose tissue contributes to the breast sagging. A diet should be sparing, and weight loss – smooth and gradual;
  • The right choice of underwear. In no case the underwear should be too large or tight – it should match the shape of the breast and not squeeze it. It is especially important to choose a special bra for sports – its main task is to maximize the support of the mammary glands during exercise;
  • Monitor your posture, especially if you are engaged in sedentary work or spend a lot of time at the computer.
  • Do not forget about the regular use of special natural cosmetics for the breast. Such remedies have in their composition a lot of vitamins and useful nutrients, which help to keep the skin of the breast elastic.
  • Do not sunbathe without a brassiere – both on a beach, and in a sun deck. Ultraviolet promotes accelerated aging of the skin, which most negatively affects the state of the bust.


  • External means – creams, ointments, sprays, whey, wraps;
  • Medicines and dietary supplements;
  • Sports loads, various types of fitness;
  • Injection techniques – contour plastics by fillers, mesotherapy;
  • Techniques for improving skin tone and underlying muscles;
  • Breast enhancement by various kinds of threads;
  • Plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of many methods is doubtful: in some cases, they can only exacerbate the situation, and sometimes also cause considerable damage to the body. Therefore, the choice of the breast correction method should be agreed with the doctor.

Natural cosmetics:

Natural cosmetics for female breast ptosis includes ointments, creams, lotions and masks for “breast lifting”, as well as salon and home wraps. As a rule, they guarantee a tightening of the skin and sometimes also some increase its volume.

Of course, regular moisturizing of sensitive breasts is necessary at any age, especially in the mature one. The active ingredients that make up natural cosmetics for female breast ptosis add elasticity and tone, give a slight lifting effect, but they can neither remove excess skin, nor can it penetrate into its deep layers. Even the active sera by ion-or electrophoresis does not give a noticeable and lasting result. Thus, cosmetics can hardly be considered as an independent corrective agent – especially with large breasts or strong sagging – although it’s the best way to prevent ptosis in the early stages.


Female breast ptosis is a natural process and can not be avoided, but it’s quite possible to slow it down. For this, a woman should follow several important rules:

  • Always wear a properly sized and shaped bra;
  • Do not forget about daily breast care: contrasting showers or wiping with cool water, self-massage, use of moisturizing creams, lotions, tonics, masks, etc.;
  • Keep a level posture – stoop during walking or prolonged sitting at the computer exacerbates the problem. Straight back will allow to keep pectoral muscles in a tone and will provide normal blood circulation in this zone.
  • Avoid sudden weight changes – rapid weight loss leads to tissue sagging, and weight gain – to overextension of the skin which is not ready for such loads;
  • Regularly do physical exercises for pectoral muscles, restorative sports, for example, swimming and gymnastics. For sports activities you will need special clothes – a denser top or bodice with wide and reliable straps;
  • Avoid the influence of ultraviolet light on the sensitive skin of the breast – it is not recommended to sunbathe topless on the beach or in the solarium, this accelerates the development of ptosis;
  • Pay attention to your diet, it must include products that improve the skin – fatty fish, dairy and meat products, eggs, greens, nuts, etc.


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