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Common name: Boneset

Medical Term: Eupatorium Perfoliatum Boneset (Eupatorium perfoliatum) is a plant from the Asteraceae family. Parts used for medicinal purposes: leaves, petals / flowers.


The plant is rich in oils, sesquiterpenes, acids, bitterness, kaempferol, rutin, quercetin, resins, sterol, diterpenes, polysaccharides and gums.


  • lowers the sugar content in the blood;
  • heals malaria;
  • acts as an antipyretic;
  • treats colds, flu, cough, arthritis;
  • has anti-inflammatory effect;
  • causes vomiting.

In the form of a warm infusion, the Boneset is used as a stimulant, antipyretic and diaphoretic remedy for attacks of muscle rheumatism and colds. Widely used in the United States with intermittent fever (malaria). It is considered one of the best means for influenza. Boneset relieves pain in the muscles, lowers the temperature and stimulates immunity. In large doses, it causes vomiting and has a laxative effect. Cold infusion as a soft tonic is used for dyspeptic disorders and general weakness, especially useful for digestive disorders in the elderly.

Instructions for use:

  • colds and secondary infections;
  • influenza; at elevated temperature;
  • arthritis, rheumatism;
  • constipation, flatulence;
  • a general weakening of the body.

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