Purdue Frederick

Standardized Sennosides

Diagnostic Aid

Indications And Clinical Uses: A potent cathartic to be used only for evacuation of the colon prior to contrast radiography of the gastrointestinal tract, other abdominal radiography, or examinations where a clear colon is essential for proper visualization. Also indicated prior to surgery of the colon or rectum.

Contra-Indications: The “acute abdomen”.

Dosage And Administration: Adults: At 10 a.m. on the day prior to x-ray procedure, drink 50% the contents of a 21 g pouch of the powder mixed with water, or 50% the contents of a 70 mL bottle of the liquid, and the remaining 50% at 2 p.m., or as prescribed. As it is important to hydrate the patient, adults should take several glasses of water within 3 to 4 hours of completing dosage.

Children: Dosage (on a weight basis) is proportionally less.

Availability And Storage: Liquid: Each unit dose (70 mL) bottle contains: standardized sennosides 119 mg, sugar 46.8 g equivalent to 872 kJ (212 kcal). Also contains alcohol 7%, parabens 154 mg and artificial cocoa flavor. pH: 5.2 to 5.8. Expiration period: 2 years from date of manufacture. Tartrazine-free. Cases of 50.

Powder: Each unit dose (21 g) pouch contains: standardized sennosides 157.5 mg. Also contains sugar 9.5 g equivalent to 160 kJ (38 kcal) and cocoa powder. Tartrazine-free. Cases of 50.

X-PREP® Purdue Frederick Standardized Sennosides Diagnostic Aid

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