Sulfoxyl (Sulfur-Benzoyl Peroxide)



Sulfur-Benzoyl Peroxide

Acne Vulgaris Therapy

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Each mL of lotion contains: sulfur 2% and benzoyl peroxide 5% in a vanishing lotion base. Nonmedicinal ingredients: glyceryl monostearate, imidurea, isopropyl palmitate, PEG 1000 monostearate, propylene glycol, purified water, stearic acid, xantham gum and zinc stearate. Plastic bottles of 60 mL. Protect from heat.

SULFOXYL® Stiefel Sulfur–Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Vulgaris Therapy

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General Illness Information Common Name: ACNE Medical Term: Acne vulgaris Description: Acne vulgaris is a sebaceous gland disorder wherein the skin pores become clogged by…