Nursoy (Soy Protein Isolate)



Soy Protein Isolate

Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Indications And Clinical Uses: A nutritionally complete soy-based and milk- and lactose-free formula for common infant feeding problems associated with lactose intolerance or cow’s-milk protein sensitivity or allergy. Symptoms that may require a milk-free formula include diarrhea, vomiting, spitting up, feeding difficulties, gas, bloating, colic, and fussiness. Iron-fortified Nursoy contains vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene and has a fat blend patterned after breast milk.

Availability And Storage: Protein: soy protein isolate 100%. Carbohydrate: glucose polymers 75%, sucrose 25%. Fat: polyunsaturated 15%, monounsaturated 40%, saturated 45%. Vitamins and Minerals: at recommended levels.

Nursoy Concentrated Liquid contains (by descending order): water; corn syrup solids; soy protein isolate sucrose; oleo (beef), coconut and soybean oils; high monounsaturate safflower or sunflower oil; potassium citrate; monobasic sodium phosphate; magnesium chloride; calcium carbonate; calcium chloride; calcium hydroxide; soy lecithin; L-methionine; dibasic calcium phosphate; ascorbic acid; choline chloride; calcium carrageenan; taurine; potassium bicarbonate; ferrous sulfate; sodium chloride; zinc sulfate; alpha-tocopheryl acetate; L-carnitine; niacinamide; calcium pantothenate; vitamin A palmitate; riboflavin; cupric sulfate; thiamine and pyridoxine hydrochlorides; beta-carotene; phytonadione; potassium iodide; folic acid; biotin; cholecalciferol; cyanocobalamin. Note: Composition of powder, ready-to-serve and ready-to-feed formulas may vary slightly.

Concentrated Liquid: Normal dilution: equal amounts of liquid and water. Cans of 385 mL, cases of 12.

Powder: Normal dilution: 1 scoop powder and 60 mL water. Scoop provided in each can. Cans of 450 g, cases of 6.

Ready-to-Serve: No dilution required. 20 kcal/30 mL (280 kJ/100 mL). Cans of 385 mL, cases of 12.

Ready-to-Feed: No dilution required. For hospital use only. Presterilized, disposable bottles of 20 kcal/30 mL (280 kJ/100 mL). Bottles of 100 mL, cases of 48.

NURSOY® Wyeth-Ayerst Soy Protein Isolate Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

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