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Therapeutic Nutrient

Indications And Clinical Uses: A nutritionally complete, calorically dense, moderate protein formula with a vitamin/mineral profile designed for dialysis patients with acute and chronic renal failure. Appropriate for both oral and tube feeding use.

Precautions: Not for parenteral administration.

Dosage And Administration: 1 000 mL or 8 360 kJ (4.2 Tetra Brik Paks or 2 000 kcal) provides at least 100% of the Canadian RNI (adult males, 25 to 49) for protein and essential vitamins and minerals except for vitamin D, phosphorus and magnesium. NovaSource Renal is ready to use and does not require dilution with water. It may be fed at room temperature or chilled.

Tube Feeding: Follow a physician’s or dietitian’s instructions for tube feedings. When initiating feeding, the flow rate, volume and dilution are dependent on patient condition and tolerance. Care should be taken to avoid contamination of this product during preparation and administration. Additional fluid requirements should be met by giving water orally with or after feedings, or when flushing the feeding tube.

Oral: For oral feeding, it may be used as a sole source of nutrition or as a supplement with and between meals for added nutritional support.

Availability And Storage: Each 237 mL Tetra Brik Pak contains: ¹-D water, corn syrup, sodium and calcium caseinates, high oleic sunflower oil, corn oil, medium-chain triglycerides, fructose, L-arginine, lactic acid, calcium carbonate, artificial flavor, soy lecithin, potassium chloride, hydrolyzed cornstarch, magnesium carbonate, cellulose gel, choline chloride, calcium phosphate tribasic, L-carnitine, sodium ascorbate, taurine, cellulose gum, high selenium yeast, zinc sulfate, alpha tocopheryl acetate, ferrous sulfate, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, manganese sulfate, copper gluconate, pyridoxine HCl, thiamine HCL, riboflavin, beta carotene, folic acid, vitamin A palmitate, biotin, potassium iodide, phytonadione (vitamin K1), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

Energy Distribution: protein 15%, fat 45%, carbohydrate 40%; 836 kJ (200 kcal)/100 mL.

NovaSource Renal is a calorically dense, moderate protein, low residue formula. Designed for dialysis patients with acute or chronic renal failure it is low in: vitamin D, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Citrate-, gluten- and lactose-free. Contains only 10% of total calories from saturated fat and contains medium-chain triglycerides to facilitate rapid, effective fat absorption.

Aseptic Tetra Brik Paks of 237 mL (vanilla), cases of 27. Store unopened at room temperature. Once opened, store covered in refrigerator and use within 24 hours.

NOVASOURCE™ RENAL Novartis Nutrition Therapeutic Nutrient

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