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Indications And Clinical Uses: Rectal constipation; or, as directed by a physician, to facilitate rectoscopic or sigmoidoscopic examination.

Adverse Reactions: No severe reactions have been reported. Very occasionally slight cramps or tenesmus may occur.

Dosage: Adults and children: the contents of 1 tube (5 mL) administered rectally but a second tube may be needed in severe cases; children under 3 years, insert only half the length of the nozzle into the rectum. Defecation can normally be expected within 5 to 20 minutes. No lubrication of the tip of the nozzle is necessary, 1 drop pressed out of the tip before application will facilitate insertion into the rectum.

Availability And Storage: Each mL contains: sodium citrate dihydrate, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, glycerin, sorbitol, sorbic acid, and distilled water q.s. in a disposable plastic tube fitted with a flexible enema tip about 5 cm long. Tubes of 5 mL. Boxes of 4, 12 and 50.

MICROLAX® Pharmacia & Upjohn Micro-Enema

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