Beminal (Vitamin B Complex)

BEMINAL® with C FORTIS Injectable


Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin Supplement

Indications And Clinical Uses: Avitaminoses of the vitamin B complex and vitamin C. Pre- and postoperatively, when indicated, and in debilitated patients. Secondary deficiencies of the above vitamins caused by severe vomiting, chronic diarrhea, celiac disease, and other conditions interfering with normal absorption and metabolism.

Dosage And Administration: The reconstituted solution may be injected slowly into the vein or added to a saline or glucose infusion for convenient administration, according to the patient’s requirements.

Note: Sensitivity to the i.v. use of thiamine has been reported in some persons. Any i.v. solution containing thiamine should therefore be used cautiously.

Reconstitution: Cleanse the rubber cap of vial with a suitable antiseptic. With sterile syringe inject 5 mL Sterile Water for Injection or Sterile Sodium Chloride Injection into a vial of Beminal. Shake the vial well and permit air bubbles to escape before filling the syringe.

Beminal may vary slightly in color, and the reconstituted solution may darken progressively. These changes in no way affect the potency or therapeutic value of the preparation.

Availability And Storage: Each vial of sterile dry powder contains: thiamine 50 mg, riboflavin (as riboflavin 5 phosphate sodium) 5 mg, niacinamide 125 mg, pyridoxine 5 mg, pantothenic acid (as dl-panthenol) 10.68 mg and vitamin C 500 mg. Nonmedicinal ingredients: sodium hydroxide and water for injection. Keep from light. Prepared solution is stable for 2 days at room temperature or 2 weeks refrigerated.

BEMINAL® with C FORTIS Injectable Wyeth-Ayerst Vitamin B Complex Vitamin Supplement

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