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Resorcinol – Sulfur Compound

Acne Therapy

Indications And Clinical Uses: Treatment of acne: basic topical medication for acne. The tinted cream may be used by patients who desire a medicated preparation to mask lesions.

Contra-Indications: Should not be applied to diffuse, acutely inflamed areas. Keep out of eyes and off eyelids.

Precautions: Moderate erythema and scaling are normal and expected results of therapy. However, should these reactions become excessive, the patient should apply the product less frequently or discontinue until they subside.

Pregnancy and Lactation: As with any drug, the use of this product is not recommended during pregnancy, or when nursing, unless the physician is convinced that the potential benefits outweigh the possible risk to mother and child.

Pharmaceutical Compatibility: Should not be diluted or compounded with other drugs. Dispense in the original container.

Symptoms And Treatment Of Overdose: Involves the skin primarily.Symptoms: Moderate erythema and scaling are normal and expected results of therapy. Overdosage is marked by excessive drying and erythema or by burning and itching.

Treatment: In severe cases, discontinue medication and apply a bland ointment or cold cream.

Accidental Ingestion: In case of accidental ingestion by children, the amount which the child succeeds in swallowing would be expected to be small, and symptoms would generally consist merely of mild gastrointestinal disturbance. Treatment consists of general measures such as inducing emesis; gastric lavage; catharsis; and forcing fluids.

Dosage And Administration: Before application, wash affected areas with soap and water, then dry.

Cream: Apply a thin coating with fingertips. Stroke on lightly; do not rub in. One or two applications daily are usually adequate. Patients with oily skin may apply more frequently.

Availability And Storage: Skin Tone Cream: Each g of skin tone cream contains: resorcinol 2%, sulfur 8% and isopropyl alcohol 11% (w/w) in a stable, greaseless, flesh tinted base. Tubes of 25 and 40 g.

Vanishing Cream: Each g of vanishing cream contains: resorcinol 2% and sulfur 8% in a water-washable, greaseless, vanishing cream base. Tubes of 25 g.

ACNOMEL® Chattem Resorcinol – Sulfur Compound Acne Therapy

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