Nasal Septum, Deviated

General Illness Information

Medical Term: Nasal septum, deviated.

CommonName: Deviated nasal septum.

Description: Abnormality of the septum of the nose, resulting in partial or almost complete obstruction of the affected side.

Causes: The septum of the nose is composed of bone in the back, and cartilage in the front. Any injury or malformation of these structures can cause a deviated nasal septum.

Prevention: Protection from nasal injury, especially with contact sports.

Signs & Symptoms

  • There are usually no major symptoms, unless air flow is obstructed.
  • Blocked feeling in the nostril.
  • Nasal discharge, recurrent infections.
  • Obvious nasal deformity.

Risk Factors

  • Injury to the nose.
  • Surgery on the nose.

Diagnosis & Treatment

The diagnosis is made by direct examination, with a bright light and nasal speculum.

General Measures:

  • If the obstruction is mild, no treatment is necessary.
  • If there is marked obstruction, surgery is advised.
  • Some types of surgery are: Submucus resection, septoplasty or rhinoplasty.


  • Decongestants for minor discomfort.
  • Antibiotics for infection.
  • exercise caution in using over the counter nasal drops or sprays.


No restriction


No restriction.

Possible Complications :

  • Recurrent nosebleeds;
  • Recurrent infections.


  • If symptoms not troublesome, drastic treatment is not necessary.
  • Surgery will usually clear up the problem.


Nothing specified.

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